Selfish behavior = low class

Guess everyone has their selfish moment regardless whether day or night but when we get older then we get more understanding thus the #selfish behavior will slow down.  I must admit that I was selfish when I was younger especially I am the baby at home.  Basically, all is about me, Me, ME and never give a chance to other to speak.

So, our home phone ringing about 8.47am on the lazy Sunday morning.  Hence, triggered me to think about this selfish individual just to call and chat about her nonsense .  I reminded her to call after noon time but the PHD doesn’t seem get it.  So, selfish and stupid to the degree…

Still remember 2 years ago, I found a moron who #obsessed with my hubby. Published his picture on her bed and guess what I caught it.  WTF to display the picture of my hubby on your bed?  Just #LOW + #LAME.   Guess it would be nice to send the both PHD and moron to the stupid island or may be they just need a man?

By elizascott Posted in Humor

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