Good hair day!

I am so Thankful to have such incredible hair dresser.  It so hard to get the appointment and yet expensive but totally worth it.   Got an appointment for hair cut and as soon as l got home and my love said  #looking good babe.  Love it and I like it.

Restaurant bans kids – Yay or Nay?

Lately, some of the restaurants set their own rules for their business prospective.  Either bans kids after 7pm or will be kick out if the kids if they are not behave.  I would go with 70/30 on this one with below:

Yay: 70

  • Need a pleasant environment to enjoy the meal with the love one
  • Kids don’t have to stay up late for family dine out

Nay: 30

  • Scream baby across the table
  • Kids running around

I know it sound a little cold on my Yay score but I truly support the new rule.  Adult may drink wine or beer but if kids tag along then will have bad influence.  Besides, I want to enjoy my meal rather then listen to scream baby or seeing that running around.  That’s might totally change the setting.  Understood, this might be offensive but as mention before everyone has their opinion.

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Lovely snacks!

Strawberry Puff1149045_551445138223979_60266020_n1095051_551445308223962_971553113_n1170695_551445004890659_423434883_n




Oh my!  Which one should l pick?   Everything look so good and I love them all.

This is my 1st weekend after so long that I don’t have to do school assignment.  Because my summer class just ended last Thursday yay!  Anyway, it is time to catch up our quality time aww…