Do you agree: Customer always right?

No, I don’t agree with the steroid type phrase ‘Customer always right’. I was in line to the cashier to make payment for my purchase however an old lady who in front of me was intimated the cashier as too many question asked. The old lady even yell at the cashier at some point. The old lady claim that she don’t have time for all the questions. But again, she can simply responses nicely rather then #yelling at her. The cashier eyes watery but still keep her plastic smile. Geez, I feel sorry for the cashier. Keep in mind, the cashier is just follow the instruction to ask those questions. Why the old lady was so nasty to treat people like that.

Understood, the old bitch has her right but she can be more polite. Old doesn’t mean you can bully other and old doesn’t mean you are right.

By elizascott Posted in Humor

Benson Bubblers!

2013-10-17 20.28.20Got a short trip down South to Prineville, Oregon. Then drove down Portland for a meeting with our business partner. Well, this is my first time to Oregon. It’s definitely, eye opening for me to see the different side of the city. Though the Benson Bubblers really caught my eyes along the down town Portland. It looks very cool and what a treat to witness the iconic drinking fountains.

I got a blast on the trip just that a little under weather. Might be caught it in the plane. But I am glad that I home now with my lovely hubby.

Feeling so good to be home!

Yes, feeling so good when the plane landed SFO Airport. To cuddling with my love and sleep in our own bed. There is nothing compare about. I was in Prineville and Portland last week there is no doubt hectic schedule but it was a productive one. But it is good to back home.

Though still fighting a little cold but I am grateful I am back home.