Home sweet home

Feeling so good after the long flight and I finally landed SFO Airport. I am ecstatic to see my love at the arrival hall. I saw him waiting for me at the arrival hall and his killer #five o’clock shadow just lovely and I can’t wait to touch and feel it though

We chat along the way home and feeling so warm and sweet to finally got home. Wow our bed room in a very romantic environment with roses and candles. Of course, the jacuzzi also have Champagne and glasses by the side. Well, I am definitely in the mood although I am tired. Of course,Love his new position and makes me feel so so good.

Day 15 AKA last day in Penang

2013-11-23 13.45.06
Woke up in the morning and today is my last morning in Penang after spent 15days. I have a little mix feeling today. Because I am very excited to back to my love but in the same time I am feeling sad to leave mom and Evelyn’s family. Regardless, I had a blast on this trip. Already miss those yummy authentic food. Hope will get speedy recovery on that nasty sciatica nerve pain. Evelyn will stay sweet forever.

Thank you so much Evelyn and her family for such a warm welcoming and spent time with me.

Heading to airport next…

Heading back to States

Woke up in the morning around 6.30am feeling confuse and grumpy because I know I only have couple hours in Penang as need to catch the 3.30pm flight. Though I had a blast during the stay. Ate lots of the local hawker food and visit lots of places as well.

Great to see everyone there especially mom and Alex. He is a smart and my little cutie pie. Of course, looking for to see my love back in States. Of course, more catch up to do for sure. I will be patiently wait for 20hrs more…

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Day 14 in Penang

2013-11-16 08.21.56Today, is my second last day in Penang. I am very excited to back to States to see my love but in the same time I am feeling heavy to leave here at Mom condition is not well yet. Though I am so proud of her to wiling to tried to walk and do not give up.

We can’t dine out since Mom condition like this. Thus Evelyn picked up variety of dim sum. No matter what I still love the #UdangNasiLemak.

Day 13 in Penang

The clock is ticking for me in Penang because less then 3 days and I am heading back to States. Even Mom still not well but Evelyn let Aaron watching her at home and took me to Penang Time Square to visit her sister in-law new condo. It’s about 1080sqf and it just RM265,000. The unit look very modern and beautiful.

Well my brother in-law stopped by traffic police. He claimed that the traffic light in yellow but we didn’t stop. Well, the police officer threaten us to go to court or pay RM300 but we asked for help then the police officer said and I quoted ‘How much you can pay’. We paid him RM50 to settle the case on the spot. Geez, typical for corruption act for those police in Malaysia though and shame on them.

Lovely treat was #MeeSotong, #Cendol, #AisKacang and #Rojak
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Day 12 in Penang

I got a chance to Evelyn’s new home which located across the Penang bridge. The house is huge like 3600sqf with only RM247,000

Not sure why, I feel sick though thus in bed resting.

Day 11 in Penang

Here we are in day #11 in Penang still 85% of the time stay home instead because of Mom’s condition. We slowly encourage her to try to move and she did. But again, it takes times to heal.

Today, we did a small birthday celebration to both Aaron and Alex today. Everyone was very happy and very cheer moment. Went to Tesco to picked cake for them as well.

2013-11-19 13.25.31

Day 10 in Penang

Did a little shopping at Queensbay Mall for both Aaron and Alex as their birthdays are around the corner. Very big and up skill mall though and lots of retail stores and restaurants. I got laptops for the boys since that is a useful gadget for them in school. But not much selection there. Even I wanted to pick the same model of two HP laptop and they don’t have it. Thus I picked one Acer and another HP. Boys are very happy on their birthday gift though…

AH today I ate #LorMee where I also have not eat this for a long long time. Feel grateful as managed to taste so many types of hawker food on this visit.

2013-11-18 08.17.59

Day 9 in Penang

Mom’s condition is getting worst. She can’t move at all. Thank God kids at home are helping to support her up from bed to restroom. Ordered sciatica meds for her but still need her to corporate to move around.

Evelyn was so sweet and good sport and she cook #BeeKoMoay or pulut hitam for me though. Have not eat for years and it taste so yummy

2013-11-17 09.59.452013-11-17 11.11.32

Day 8 in Penang

2013-11-16 18.04.102013-11-16 17.58.092013-11-16 17.56.42
It’s day 8th in Penang but all my plans are still on hold because mom condition still not well. Need people to support her to get up from bed. Need to push her to walk move around otherwise she won’t.

Thank God, I am feeling better today and able to eat something though. Then Evelyn took me to explore #PasarMalam ah that brought me back to old days. Love all the street food and just wish I have bigger stomach to eat them all.