Day 13 in Penang

The clock is ticking for me in Penang because less then 3 days and I am heading back to States. Even Mom still not well but Evelyn let Aaron watching her at home and took me to Penang Time Square to visit her sister in-law new condo. It’s about 1080sqf and it just RM265,000. The unit look very modern and beautiful.

Well my brother in-law stopped by traffic police. He claimed that the traffic light in yellow but we didn’t stop. Well, the police officer threaten us to go to court or pay RM300 but we asked for help then the police officer said and I quoted ‘How much you can pay’. We paid him RM50 to settle the case on the spot. Geez, typical for corruption act for those police in Malaysia though and shame on them.

Lovely treat was #MeeSotong, #Cendol, #AisKacang and #Rojak
2013-11-21 15.20.232013-11-21 16.36.372013-11-21 16.36.422013-11-21 16.40.54

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