Most fascinating things in 2013

Long stories short and I only have three most fascinating things for me in 2013. I am grateful and thankful for that.

1. April – Back to silicon valley after 6 months hiatus
2. Sept – 10th Wedding Anniversary – Love him much #你的笑你的好 是我溫暖的依靠
3. Nov – A surprise visit to Penang, Malaysia.

Christmas 2013

As soon as we done with Thanksgiving celebration and we begin the Christmas decoration either at home or in the office. Radio stations starting to play Christmas music and those lights on the street and mall just beautiful. Though I didn’t do anything decoration at home this year. Because my love wasn’t at home and he was in his business trips for weeks since beginning of the Dec. Of course, he got sick and worrying and no mood to do it.

But I am so grateful, he is back and able to get some TLC. Love to see his warm smile and his touch. So, I told Santa Clause I don’t need anything else but him.

I cooked some of his favorite dishes and wine just kick back and relax.

Merry Christmas!

Perfect luncheon

Nola_chicken and waffleSpicy Jambalaya2013-12-20 12.51.02

OMG! all the menu from Nola is great and I want them all. Enjoy every bite of it! I got great companion and food what can I ask for more..

Gourmet food truck #Lobster Roll

2013-12-11 19.25.10-12013-12-11 20.21.13

What a feast to end up a long day at work! I notice lots of people camp around the H. Square and thus I was there and notice there are so many gourmet food trucks there. Of course, one of the menu catching my eyes was #LobsterRoll. Thus I stay in line and waiting for the roll. OMG! It was delicious and lobster meat just juicy and yummy. Forgot to mention it was FOC and I thank you.