Hands free devices still cause distractions!

Do you agree that hands free devices still cause distractions?

Hell yea! My answer is 101% yes and it still causing distractions for sure regardless, hands free or not. The distraction is there because the attention will be splitting to the conversation somehow. It is heart breaking to see so many repeated mistake that people tense ignore the fact that it may cause life. Simply because wanted to answer that DAMN call.

I am so glad to see once again the study proven that “hands free devices still cause distractions”. But I am not sure if it is enough to wake people up to be more caution though

Therefore, I am hoping those caller to be more ‘CONSIDERATE’ not just call because he/she want it too. As for the person who is driving please do not answer the call because your life is more valuable then that call.


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Fighting with the darn cold

I must be caught up something at work because my peer who was sick and sit like 5 feet away from me uhg! The next day I woke up with backache, sore throat and non stop coughing. Just no energy…thus I left work early.

Thus I ensure love to take the Emergency C to protect himself. Of course, we can’t have fun like usually we do. I just don’t want to get him sick. Though he is nice and make hot chocolate for me and ensure heated blanket is on.

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Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014! May this year bring us lots of joy, peace and love. I know it’s stereo type to set a goal in brand new year but I really needed to especially my current work now required travel. Of course, our international travel plan set and let’s roll.

We didn’t go out for celebrating as we prefer quiet. But I am OK with a meal, a good wine and soft music.

Happy New Year!