Gourmet Food Trucks in campus


What an amazing treat that our culinary team organized this awesome event for us literately within 24hrs. We have about 30 #gourmetfoodtrucks come into our campus to feed us. The reason of this also because the sudden death of an executive sous chef on 02/20 and culinary team wanted to let the entire team to grieving so that pull the food trucks to our campus instead. We are sad on the sudden lost but with this we are clearly noted that life is short and we have an awesome community.

I am very proud to in this team.

How many time a week did you call your sibling?

Reaching out sibling is a good thing to reconnect and sync up and etc. But if this happens daily and even weekend at least three calls within 3hours that’s call outrages. That’s not close but annoying and stupid. I would suggest that individual get a life stay away from her stupidity action.

Again, we don’t need to know your daily activities nor we interested if you are going to watch movies this weekend or dinner with someone. No, we don’t care but all I ask is for you to grow up! #peoplebehavingbadly #giveussomespace #willyou?

By elizascott Posted in Humor