Tooth Implant

I just got my tooth implant this morning. The implant is now in after an hour struggling on that chair and two stitches. Right now, I am taking Amoxicillin and Vicodin for ease the pain. Also, my love is taking care of me. Feeling lucky!

Thank God, I have weekend to recover though otherwise I don’t think I can do it.

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Winter exam is over…

Just finish my final exam on my winter class. Feel so relief and looking forward for more rest and enjoying more movies and catching up with my love.

I really enjoy my winter class because the Prof is great and articulate well. Willing to spend time after class to explain more details to those who needed. I think I might score A on this one.

Dinner with my BFF

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Had a very lovely dinner with my BFF #mentor #customs who is cancer survivor. Really enjoy our conversation and it can go on and on…we can discuss and argue from life to customs regulations.

Thank you Carole so much for your help and let’s do it again. Of course, I would love like Rob to join us the next time round.

Dinner @ SFO

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What a lovely dinner with my love @ Hakksan SFO. Although it took a while to get in city especially on Friday night but its all worth it. In additional, with a good companion and his 5o’clockshadow. Just drives the entire night to next level. I love him so so much.