Happy Easter 2014

Happy Easter everyone! Keep in mind Easter is not just about God’s resurrection but it’s also about elimination of slavery. A unification of conscience and faith.

The gorgeous day makes children have more fun on their eggs hunt activities while adult are catching up their conversation while drinking beer and BBQ bites in our back yard. That’s how we roll..

Have a blessed Easter 2014!

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Have you notice?

Have you notice when you stop on the red light and the car next to you will move a little further? Not sure why but it happen to me twice today. Is this normal?

777 aircraft vanished without trace – MH370/08 March ==> KUL/BJS

Boeing 777 was claimed the safest airplane in the Aviation record. But the history changed after a few hours the flight MH370 took off from KUL bounds BJS. The tower control lost the connection and radar as well.

There were 227 passengers and 12 crew members which came up with total of 239 souls in MH370. There are 15 countries national were in that flight but the most were Chinese. There is no doubt affected families and airline are exhausted and demand for an answer. But until aviation have solid answer and able to identify the debris airline just can’t gave an answer. 25 countries are helping to search for the mystery plane disappeared for almost a month and not single debris found in ocean. The search are trying their best to search for black box because the battery might die after a week from today.

Really hope the black box will be found soon get the families have the closure and let the aviation do the investigate of what happened actually.

My thoughts and prayers goes to all the affected families.

Spring semester – Business Law

2014-03-30 10.13.53

My spring break is almost over just one day resting then Spring semester will be starting next Monday. Look likes it will be an interesting semester and I am looking forward on that.

Cheers to spring break and let’s go crazy…

Crème brûlée

2014-03-31 18.16.53

Dessert is must for me to finish up a meal. Though I must admit that I am lucky enough to work in high tech company that treats us meals, drinks and snacks which is great. Otherwise, it will spend a fortune…

Today, our cafe served us ‘Crème brûlée’ which is my all time favorite. The custards is rich and the crunchy hard caramel for the right contrast. I ate two of them because there were so good.

p/s: Thank you Chef Tony to keep the culinary team strong and feed us everyday with the delicious means and dessert.

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