Wrapping up hectic month of May..

2014-05-20 18.52.24

Whoa! finally we are wrapping up the hectic month of May. Busy with business travel as well as leisure time in Oregon. Although I have been skipping classes for other activities but I still got a good score which is great. Definitely will keep it up…

Let’s hope the month June will be more exiting stuff to deal and more good food to taste aww..


2014-05-20 19.46.02

As we drove towards Bend for dinner and notice lots shoes hanging on that particular tree! Not sure what is it but thought it is very funny and weird. Though the weather there is great and we definitely got there to the right time,

A very tiny plane

2014-05-19 12.59.51

Ah such a tiny airplane with only 36 passenger for a trip. It would be nice to sit on the pilot seat for such a tiny plane though. Looking forward on my pilot license next. Then both of us will be able to cruise around.

Extremely warm weather temperature in California!

Not sure whether is this related to global warming or not. But how could mid May weather temperature spike up to three digit? Damn it is warm and makes me just stay in door rather. I also got sick because of the heatwave.

Let’s the cooler weather is on the way meanwhile please drink more water…

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Happy Mother’s day 2014

Every 2nd week of May and we are celebrating mother’s day. From treating nice dinner to sending her the pampering day spa treatment. This is because today is the special day that tribute to her role as ‘Mother’.

Happy Mother’s day to the mom around the globe!