It’s the first day summer babe!

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Is that time of year again, we are welcoming the first day of summer. Meaning allergy, swim suit, flip flop, margarita and yummy strawberries. I love summer a lot especially the lovely weather out site. Also, it is a good time for wardrobe shopping though..

Enjoy your summer everyone!

Father’s day 2014

Happy Father’s day to all the dude around the globe. Today, is your day and you deserve this special treatment, relax and refill!

I don’t celebrate Father day because my dad passed away almost 7 years ago and today I am thinking of him. He spoiled me and get me what ever I wants and asked for. But I do not regret to leave my home town to United States to with the love of my life.

He is home yay!

The long wait is over! Yes, I was so ready to airport around noon time to pick up my love. But hey he came home around 6am and gave a kiss on my forehead while I was asleep. Geez, that was a surprise because he got an earlier flight home. His smell and killer blue eyes just melt me away. There is nothing better than on top on him…

Love him so so much…

The hard work paid off

People enjoy weekend after a long week at work but me got to study and spent at least 20hrs to study to prep for to night exam though. Though I feel relief and great as they exam is over and I nailed it again. #hardwork #paidoff

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Why not!

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Brownie is one of our favorite dessert or snack. Thus in this lazy Saturday afternoon and
let’s do some baking to satisfy our craving. After all why not!

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