Building up yourself – Joel Osteen

A very powerful message from Joel Osteen today which is ‘Building up yourself.  He mentioned all the solid points and it so true and so real.

– Put some wall up – To disregards all the negativeness, we can’t stop the point of view from others but the only things that we can do is to put some wall up and focus on positive.

– Don’t waste time to worry about he/she says – It is human nature to talk about things.  Because you are exception thus people will put their time and energy to speculate but let’s worry free because we got some more important to things to focus on.

What a great reminder from Joel and I really appreciate that. Will let it go what ever distraction that may be focus on the future with positive thinking.  There are a  lot of things that I can’t change but I know God will. I will now building up myself.  Also, You only have so much emotional energy each day. Don’t allow yourself to spend it on things that don’t matter.

Thank you Joel.


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