Her smile means a lot than that

While we were in line to check out of our grocery shopping. However, the young lady who in front of us she did not purchase anything but queue up for exchange cash for her recycle of bottle. Oh my, the moment when she got the cash from the cashier. Her smile really means achievement and appreciation. This young lady reminds me that there are still people are still fighting to survive in daily basis. I modest myself and do not simply spend $. Just an eyes opening for me…

Black Friday + Christmas decoration begin = Busy

After the food coma of the Thanksgiving meal. Will our Christmas shopping. I knew some people go for the black Friday deal but I didn’t go for that. Just shopping on line instead. As we will also trying to do Christmas decoration as home. Will use the artificial tree as I got allergy on the real tree. Geez, really thought I just put the decoration away but hey here we go again. But it was fun though and I love every minute of it. After all it is the best time of the year.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving 2014

Happy Thanksgiving to you, you and you. This is the time of the year that every household is busy preparing for Thanksgiving meal. Turkey, stuffing, gravy, honey baked ham, pasta, salad, wine and so much more. Family and friends for the yummy meals and catching up with each other with is fun, fun and fun.

I am Thankful for what I have and wish the for peaceful world.

Power outage caused by squirrel

Whoa power outage in the raining Saturday morning.  But it wasn’t because of thunder or any cause of raining but the darn squirrel. There are 2,000 customers affected and after a few hours the power restored. The outages were caused by a squirrel that made contact with electrical equipment resulting in damage to two separate circuits.

Geez, way too much squirrels in Cupertino just not a good sight..

Tokyo Banana cakes…

Screenshot 2014-11-16 07.55.42Screenshot 2014-11-16 07.56.19

That’s right, this Tokyo banana cake is the most popular item that traveler will definitely pickup at the Tokyo Airport. A banana shaped sweet full of banana custard wrapped in a fluffy sponge. Though need to consume quickly to avoid it turn bad. But again, this is on the sweet side so basically can’t eat too much at a time.

As for now, we will enjoy this box and drink plenty of water to wash it down…

Garth Brooks in campus + some blahh

GBGB_1Yes, Garth Brooks released his new album “Man Against Machine’ after 13 years. A very conservative country legend finally signed up Facebook and got millions of ‘LIKE’ he even stop by FBHQ to have conversation with us.

I am so lucky to get out from the meeting in time and managed to stand in line to watch the Q&A.  But the admin twit that I hardly know trying to stand next to me.  Of course, I knew her motive and since the person who queue behind me didn’t say anything thus I just let her be.  Yes, she sit next to be.  While we were waiting for GB for arriving and I place my laptop on the chair and went to rest room.  Guess what she trying to call other to occupied my spot.  When I came back and she said ‘Oh you are back!’ I am surprise and look at her.  I responses just went to rest room and my laptop is here.  Than she said I was calling other thought that you left.  I just ignore and just sit on my spot.  After the Q&A finish and I said let’s go and take selfie and she said no.  Thus I just walk back to my desk.  Whoops as soon as I came back my desk and saw her post a selfie with GB uhg.  What an evil individual to use me to cut in line and trying to get rid of me later ‘WTF’.  Though I believe in ‘Karma’.  On the next day, saw her post that her car broke down as battery death.

Anyway, I am grateful to watch Grath as I am his huge fan for years.  But his got a little elegant on his response though. But I learned a lesson not to be nice to allow people to cut in line. Also, I knew karma is real.

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If you are sick, just stay home!

I thought people who sick got to stay home rather than spread their nasty gems around. I was in the meeting on last Friday and guess what I saw a TPM who was very sick and her eyes watery and got the red nose though. Uhg we were in the same conference room.

After the meeting, I constantly sneezes and feel a little backache. Woke up on Saturday and my nose was stuffed it was horrible. Weekend suppose to enjoy but I was suffering the cold. Saturday night wasn’t sleep well neither. Sore throat and all the good stuffs keep coming my way uhg. Really hope I will get well soon.

Bottom line, if you are sick just stay home. Why can’t you understand!

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It’s foggy outsite

2014-11-07 06.54.23This is view in our campus this morning and it’s foggy.  Thick foggy and obviously hard to drive and I am glad I made it here safe. Just wish I still in bed in this kind lovely weather.  Oh well,

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