Fancy lunch with the theme – Napa Valley

Screenshot 2015-04-11 09.34.44Screenshot 2015-04-10 19.03.49Screenshot 2015-04-11 09.34.54Screenshot 2015-04-11 09.35.07Screenshot 2015-04-10 19.04.25 Long and hard day at work!  Well it all work out well because once I have privilege to enjoy the fancy lunch at work.  Starting with crispy olives with lemon ah so good.  I don’t normally like olive but after I try and I will eat it more.  Appetizer is to die for whoa the crab cake pinot noir sundried tomato pesto and garlic aioli so good and the killer fried Brussels Sprouts with serrano chiles and honey.   I instantly feel like in heaven just wish the portion is a little bigger.   I got mixed greens with marinated shaved fennell, cara cara oranges, rocotta salata and a champagne vinaigrette.  Well the entree were Duck confit with warm greens, goat cheese, bacon, finger potatoes and sherry vinaigrette finished with a fig reduction.  Those duck confit got a little burn but still moist inside so I am totally enjoy it.  Also the Pea sprout risotto with aged parmesan cheese,  grilled asparagus and gribiche relish.  The risotto was creamy and yummy.  Then down to dessert and it was almond cheesecake with orange glaze and dark chocolate sauce.  So pretty and yummy to eat it though.  Finally wash it down with two type of beverages and there are Wild black berry iced tea and blood orange sparkling soda water. Understood, we are in fast pace company and when you have this kind of meal for lunch.  All the pain just gone after this kind delicious meal.  I really grateful that I am in this company. p/s: Thank you so much chef Joe Ligouri for the amazing meal.

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