Delicious garlic herb butter roasted corn

Screenshot 2015-04-19 07.43.06It’s spring meaning lots of out door activities during weekend.  We made this delicious garlic herb butter roasted corn.  Whoa I can’t believe it was a hit.  I bought 10 ears of corns and it wasn’t enough for 5 people though…

The most important this is it took less than 10mins to prepare and everyone loves it. All I need are…melted salted butter, chopped parsley leaves, garlic (finely minced), honey, corn, cut into 2-inch pieces and lastly paprika.
Just prepare the garlic-herb butter mixture by combining the butter, parsley, garlic and honey. Stir to combine well.  Than boil the corn about 5 minutes. Drained. Brush the butter mixture generously on each corn, then finish off by “roasting” them on a cast-iron grill pan on high heat, for about 5 minutes, or until the surface is slightly charred.

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