The 7 sentences successful people that never say

Found an article from Business Insider and it’s worth to read.

  1. “I hate my job” (I hate this company, my boss is an idiot)
  2. “That’s not fair” (But I deserve it more)
  3. “That’s not how it’s done here” (Because it has always been done this way)
  4. “That’s not my job” (I don’t get paid enough)
  5. “That’s impossible” (That can’t be done, I can’t do this)
  6. “I could have” (I should have, I might have been able to)
  7. “I have no choice” (I have no other options, I’ve done all I can)

I do agree those successful people NEVER say the above sentences and so do I.  But how come I am not as successful as them!

By elizascott Posted in Humor

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