Love Is Love, Love Wins ==> Marriage Equality

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What a remarkable ruling from Supreme Court’s that marriage equality is a constitutional right throughout the country on 6/26/2015.  This will be a new chapter in the history of American civil rights.  Understood some conservation folks still disagree for this ruling but we are in 2015 and not 1915 so please get over with it and respect others like you want others to respect you.

Those tech giant are joining for the LGBT parade 6/28 in San Francisco.  Yes, our company will be marching on the parade as well.  I picked up a purple shirt.  Is gonna be fun to participate in this history event and I can’t wait for tomorrow. #loveislove #lovewins

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Dessert – Tapioca pudding

Screenshot 2015-06-20 19.28.46This tapioca pudding is just yummy and I can eat a lot of them.  I will definitely try to make this at home.  I believe the ingredient just tapioca, coconut milk, vanilla beans, sugar and any fresh fruits for topping.

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Korean Seafood Ramen ‘Jjamppong’ at work

Screenshot 2015-06-13 17.59.59Whoa this hot and spicy Korean Seafood Ramen just so tasty.  Cafe gave us the good size of shrimp, clam and pork belly.  The ramen is fresh and smooth and the soup is rich with flavor.  Hopefully, our culinary team will have this menu again. Really love this…yummy!

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Work, Life…and Balance

Meeting after meetings at work than home, eat and play with kids or hot date and the cycle continues.  Most of us are practicing this way.  However, it is important to remind ourselves the important things when it comes to work life balance.  Here are some of steps for keeping us balance right.

Work: Optimize and Maximize your effectiveness at work

  • Block time off for important tasks that you need to focus on.
  • Interviews: Doing more than your fair share of interviews?  Encourage others to get trained and calibrated so that we spread the load across the team.  Prioritize interviewing for teams you work and interact with maximize your time and impact.
  • Defrag your calendar regularly
  • Meetings: It is ok decline meetings, especially if it conflicts with your evening / weekend / personal time.  Cancel meeting that have no value.  Keep your meeting as short as possible.
  • Be Selective: Prioritize ruthlessly.  Work on important and impact things first.  If you have too much on your plate or think you are spread too thin, talk to your manager to figure out a plan to correct the situation.
  • Admin: Block out calendar time or admin work / reporting / submitting expense reports.
  • Pay if Forward: Be respectful of other people time.  Don’t be late for meeting.  End meeting on or before time.
  • Automate: If you find yourself doing specific tasks/workflows repeatedly than look into automating things.
  • No Meeting Wednesday should be respected where possible.  It is awesome for people to have one day of the week where we have large chunks of contiguous time to catch up or knock out a big piece of work.

Life: Actively manage and protect your personal time

  • Wait: It is OK to ‘NOT’ immediately response to email, quip or group post
  • Schedule: Figure our what work best for you and your family.  Set boundaries and communicate this to your team sp they know when you are and aren’t not available.
  • Recuperate: If you are sick, feeling sick then stay home.  Take a break and get some rest
  • Health: Take care of yourself.  This is the most important thing you should do for yourself.  Routine check up and dentist.
  • Recharge: Take time off. Use your PTO if not please feel free to donate to me.
  • Benefit:  Use them all ‘Why not’


Guess if we practicing the above somehow our life will be a bit more balance.

Fancy lunch #4 – Raw Mediterranean Fusion by Chef Dana Shepard

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I am got the privilege to enjoy the fancy lunch again ah all the foods were so delicious and makes me smile…

~Live Sampler: Raw hemp oat bread served with an activated almond hummus, rich walnut arugula pesto, mixed olive tapenade and sprouted chickpea falafels.

~Oysters & Mignonette: Fresh-shucked oysters served with a delicate mignonette infused with citrus and white peppercorn

~Kale Salad: Complete with sea palm and flax this baby kale salad is simple and clean toy-box tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, sweet cherry peppers, basil, biodynamic olive oil and grapefruit segments

~Velvety Gazpacho Shooter: Heirloom tomato soup is filled with rich earthy flavors like cumin, coriander and fennel and blended until smooth as velvet. Garnished with avocado, lemon, basil and sea salt


~Hamachi Crudo with Ponzu: Hamachi tuna chilled and curled along side cherry tomatoes, fraise, shishito peppers, micro cilantro and sea salt

~The Berry Tart

~Basil Mint Sun Tea
~Lavender Lemon Spa Water