Avocado crab meat melt

Screenshot 2015-08-29 18.26.18This avocado crab meat melt just divine. Just wish I order another order earlier.  The crunch of the bread with the a little spicy crab meat and avocado ah is just perfect.

Hope this menu will come up again soon.

Beautiful day for that water ride

Screenshot 2015-08-30 15.53.53It is a beautiful day for that water ride.  Feel relief without cell phone and both of us just enjoy our moment.  We actually brought some drink with us just kick back and relax.  His blue eyes just killing.  Love him so much.

The worst day for trader

Today, is a the worst day for trader around the world especially who in United States and it hurt.   Dow Jones plunge down 530.94 points and Nasdaq 171.45.

Let’s hope it will bounce back quickly…

Lunch – Swedish theme

Screenshot 2015-08-15 16.01.47I’ve had a very good lunch today.  The buttery mash potatoes is just great and the salmon with champagne sauce.  OMG! it just out of the world.  Enjoy every bite of it.

Very grateful to work in this company and feed us daily.  Very thankful.

Summer class is over

Yes, Thank God my summer class is now over.  This is the weekend that I don’t have study and have 100% relaxing with my love.  It was very rough to take summer class because the only have 6weeks of classes compare to normal class have 12weeks.

Well, I am grate is over and I am going to enjoy the break and will continue the class in fall.