Pope Francis’s visiting America

Yes, the people pope Francisco got really hectic schedule on his first visit to United States.  His first stop to Washington, DC to meet with first family.  Than to New York for UN Congress and finally to Philadelphia.  Thousand of people waiting patiently to see him.

Though I have no respect for Mcdonna as made fun of pope.  During her concert and she mention and I quoted ‘Porky whoppi in town’.  Geez, how moronic is she uhg…

Captain Crunch French Toast

Screenshot 2015-10-04 16.28.34These three slides of Captain Crunch French toast are just divine. Especially with guava sauce on it.  The crunchiness of the captain crunch just make every bite little more tasty.  I really enjoy this breakfast.  Our work cafe serve the same menu for a week but I went for it 4 our of 5 days.  That’s how much I love this,

I will do a little better next week with steam spinach for breakfast for sure.

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Tuna melt and tomatoes soup

Screenshot 2015-09-19 20.20.24Another lovely lunch at the root top of our new campus.  The tuna melt is so good as well the tomatoes soup.  The crunch of the grill bread with the rich of tomatoes soup.

I am very grateful to enjoy all these yummy food of our chef.  They woke up early to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for us.  Everything freshly made.

Thank you so much chefs.

The extreme of California heatwave

I am so grateful to wake up to see the cloudy day after enduring weeks of the heatwave.  Hopefully, we will get some rain to cool us down.  The weather temperature was between 85 thru 102 degrees.  There is no way for me to walk outside and even I a got headache because of that.

Hoping for the rain please,

Bras shopping @ VS

OMG!  Guess what I just bought half dozen of bras simply because it’s on sales but it about two hundred dollars though.  I am sure my ladies will be very happy with different color and design.  Bet he likes those naughty bars as well.

What the hey it’s labor weekend!

The long wait is over it’s labor weekend!  Yes, finally the long holiday weekend is here. We went for dinner last night and bums up his friends.  Thus we have dinner together.  Though we’ve had a very good time to catching up travels and life.   As of now, I am dealing with hangover and he still in bed relaxing.   Though still need to go out for grocery shopping to prep for pool side BBQ.

Let’s hope the store will not be too crowded.

Have a nice labor weekend.