Family or Money – What is important in our lives?

As we are wrapping up 2015.  We might need to ask ourselves what is important in our lives!  Perhaps family or even money.   There is no brainier if you happen to people either Family or Money more important.  Though in real lives some of them indeed choose money instead.  Which is very sad.  But this is  real.  Some of them even do not willing to take care of his own mom.  Even sent her to his sibling in the middle of the night.

Understood, some of them are struggling to get in financial back in shape.  But I am hoping he/she might think about their family out there too.   There might be someone  out there that thinking and hoping for the return and reunited.

Let’s pause and think if you make a right choice though

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Most unforgettable things in 2015

Here’s are the list of couple unforgettable things happened in 2015.

  • February – Went back to Malaysia celebrated Lunar New Year after years.
  • May – Completed project and made it to Maker Faire
  • July – Granny passed away
  • Dec – Permanent eyebrows and eyeliners

It has been rough especially in July but knowing she is in better place now.  I am bless.

What’s yours!


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The smile that glow = Makes me feel great

The smile  that glow makes me feel great.  Yes, indeed, in this season of giving and I feel grateful to have people around me that help me along the year.  People such as receptionist, shuttle drivers, peers, laundry lady, gardener,  anesthetist, hairstylist and people work for me.

Understood, they get the pay for their work too but this is just a gratitude to thank them for their hard work.  But each time I hand over the gift card to them.  The reaction seems the same like glow and speechless.  Wow, that makes feel so good.  Let’s do it again next year and perhaps a bigger rewards!

Permanent eyebrows and eyeliner

Yes, I did a little make over yesterday.  Get the permanent eyebrows and eyeliner.  The process went well but the healing part is hard. I can hardly open my left eyes though

Thank God, I have vicodin on hand to help me ease the pain.  It was expensive and for this procedure costs me USD735 + tip USD100.  Just hope for quicker recovery.  Though I like the result and my love like it too.


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