Lobster rolls

Yes, each time our com2016-04-06 19.05.00pany have the Hackaton session and they will be the gourmet food truck to treat us after the long day.  Lobster roll, pizza, donuts, beers and more.  For me I will go for lobster and clam chowder for sure.  There are so good.  Even our cafe is open as usual but I can’t skip the lobster roll just not strong enough to do so.

Happy Easter

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 8.45.08 AMHappy Easter to you, you and you.  This is huge celebration for fellow catholic because.  He will willing to scarify himself for us.  On the third he rose again.  As for children might thinking Easter just  a fun day for eggs hunting and happy gathering with family.

I especially felt so bless on this Easter and very humble  to be alive.  As usual my weekend route to filled up the tank to start for next week.  However, while I was driving, my car engine shut off on the free way.  OMG!  I was freaking out and the first came to my mind if my love.  Called him and he is helping me to call AAA for assistance.   While I am sitting in the car and trying to give instruction car behind to move to another lane.     Thank God two good Samaritan willing to pulled his car aside and give direction to other cars while another one talk to me and calm me down.   Both angels help and push my car to road side and waited until my love comes.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for your help.  I really appreciate your help on this critical moment.


American Bistro that is

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 1.18.09 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 1.18.24 PM  Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 1.18.48 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 1.18.36 PM.png   Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 1.19.29 PM

OMG!  Can you believe I am chosen to enjoy the PoP Up Lunch again!  Today, there are serving American Bistro by amazing Chef  Virgil Hidalgo.

–**Open Face “PB&J” Thai Peanut Sauce with Roasted Bell Pepper Jam on Sliced Sour Dough
Peanut Sauce (Roasted Peanuts, Rice Bran Oil, Coconut Milk, Thai Chili, Thai Basil, Lime Juice, Palm Sugar), Jam (Red Bell Peppers, Red Wine, Brown Sugar), Sour Dough Baguette
Garnish – Micro Cilantro

–Grilled Pizza with Pancetta, Maple Yam Ricotta, Charred Spring Onion Coulis and Toasted Pecans
Dough (Flour, Kosher Salt, Water, Yeast, Olive Oil), Pancetta, Maple Syrup, Ricotta, Garnett Yams, Spring Onion, Olive Oil, Pecans

–*Roasted Carrot and Parsnip Soup with Onion Bagel Chips
Carrots, Parsnips, Vegetable Stock, Shallots, White Wine, Butter, Cream, Minus 8 Vinegar, Plain Bagels, Dehyrated Onions, Olive Oil
Garnish – Chives

–Sous Vide Beef Flap Steak with Porcini Port Demi, Chilled Asparagus and Roasted Fingerling Tossed in Truffled Marrow Butter
Beef Flap Steak, Veal Stock, Thyme, Garlic, Butter, Port Wine, Beef Marrow, Dried Porcini Mushrooms, Pencil Asparagus, Vinaigrette (Shallots, Champagne Vinegar, Grape Seed Oil, Thyme), Fingerling Potatoes, Black Truffles, Sea Salt
Garnish- Bull’s Blood Micro Greens, Micro Marigolds


–*Caramelized Shallot and Goat Cheese Quiche with Shaved Truffles and Chilled Asparagus
Dough (Ice Water, Butter, Flour, Kosher Salt), Eggs, Cream, Shallots, White Wine, Butter, Goat Cheese, Pencil Asparagus, Vinaigrette (Shallots, Champagne Vinegar, Grape Seed Oil, Thyme), Black Truffles, Sea Salt
Garnish- Bull’s Blood Micro Greens, Micro Marigolds

*Chocolate Crunch Cream Puff Filled with a Dulce De Leche Cream
Garnish: Smoked Sea Salt, Honeycomb Toffee Bits, and Gold
Condensed Milk, Cocoa Powder, Butter, Milk, Sugar, Salt, Flour, Eggs, Cream, Edible Gold, Vanilla Bean Paste, Cornstarch, Honey, Baking Soda, Cream of Tartar, Smoked Sea Salt

**Strawberry Kiwi Spa Water
Strawberries, Kiwi, Water

March madness – shopping

Typically, March madness is meant for games but my March madness is slightly different and it wasn’t games related but shopping instead.  The mall near to our home is closing down and they have the deal from 50-75% off  and some of them even add extra 25%.  Yes, I am there even got a long day at work.

Guess both of us do not need to buy jeans for a while now.


After being in Senior position for 10months and I finally got a little promotion to be Manager.  Yes, I will do my best to ensure my team shine.

An idiotic concept

Girls night out last night.  Whoa it was fun and after a few drink and my BFF spilled out the truth in her work environment and while we were listening and in the same time I felt so sorry for her.

She is very successful young lady who is working in the corporate office as a contractor.  But her management recently hired a FTE in her team.   Where my BFF got to report to that newbie.  Funny thing is, that new hired don’t even have any experience on the role for the position but veteran.  Understood, Corporate office should support the military folks and we can’t Thank You enough for their service.  But seriously how can they simply hire people even without any experience?  What the fuck is that!  I smell disaster right there.

The most drive me to the edge was, my BFF sent the proposal to the management months for them to consider her to convert to Full Time Employee to that company.  Once again, she got single out.  She is the one person who keep the ship float but it has been many time she has been single out.

I truly believe this management got an idiotic concepts below:

  • Do not care for her/his stuff
  • Dare not fight for her/his stuff

Seriously, how good will that be if your management can’t even fight for you.  I advise her to look around rather than stay in this condition.  If those people are going to say ‘Yes’ to their boss while their stupid boss has their idiotic concept.  Than the hope for the fellow contractor work their ass off and hoping to convert will not be the case.  Though I advised her to look around knowing there is no future there.

Hoping that moron management will wake up one day and realize their problem.