obsessed to hit the record

Wow!  Since IScreen Shot 2016-05-01 at 11.34.23 AM started the IFIT device to track the steps that I made for a day.  I began to obsessed to bit the highest record.  Very proud to share that I’ve done 20,800 steps on 4/29.   Though it wasn’t easy but the end game is satisfying as I accomplish my goal.

I knew must be overdo to spike to 20,000 steps a day.  But I will try my best to hit at least one day a week to hit 20,000 steps.  After that long walk will go for green tea frappucino next then date night with love.

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French toast with yam cream cheese

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 12.18.43 PM.png

This French Toast is to die for.  But a little heavy I must say.  Crunchy outside and rich and creamy inside with yam cream cheese.  And the light sourness of fresh strawberry to cut down the fatty side.  No, I didn’t use the maple syrup at all.  In fact, I took some of the cream cheese off because it is too much.

Yes, I got this breakfast from work and it’s free.

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10k steps a day

I recently bought a IFIT a device that quietly track the steps, distance, calories burned, workouts and sleep.   Though in general ten thousands steps a day.  I wasn’t really into it until I started look at the statistic.  It keep push  me to hit the 10k steps though.   Love the data of deep and light sleep tracker.  Even tells you how many times you wake up during the night.

My weekend got less steps as I don’t have to run around campus for meetings.  Guess some what I like the device and my love like it as well.   Well, my pie got to walk more for sure.

I will do my best to achieve the 10k per day…

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Kinder Happy Hippo

Yes, this Happy Hippo makes me very happy.  My peer came back from Germany and brought this.  I just took three bites to finish it and enjoy every bite of it.   This snack is to die for.  It shape like hippo and it was a wafer biscuit and inside content of either milk chocolate or hazelnut spread.   The crunchiness of the wafer with creamy chocolate spread.  Who doesn’t like.   Though it might be a little expensive for us to buy here.  I purchased from Amazon 3boxes for $12 :(( but when you crave for it and want it so bad so you will have to a little high price to get it.

Thank you Emily K for introduce me on his Happy Hippo.