I learned how to use tree pruner

I am so proud of myself to learned how to use tree pruner.  In the boring weekend and I did some yard work.  However, I have no ideal how to use tree pruner even we got one in our shed.  Thus browse YouTube and got some ideal on how to deal with it.

Yes, I did it and trim off the limb of the tree though it still need some energy to make it work.  I am pretty sure he will be surprise when he come back.   Aw can’t wait for his return from his APAC trip.

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Interesting twist on Political world

After saw the two potential presidential drop out their bid.  Clearly Donald T will be the nominated candidate for republican.  But his behavior seems to be blunt and rude how could he able to represent United States?

Regardless, I am seeing Democratic party have a better candidate.  Let’s hope America make the right choice and choose it wisely.

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Hello and Welcome May

Let’s say Hello and Welcome to the month of May.  We are heading the almost half of 2016 and time really flies.  Let’s hope the rest of 2016 will be the good one for all of us.  Let’s don’t forget Mother’s day also in May.

The weather seems very nice here in California though…