House got broke in

As soon as I pulled into our drive way and saw our gate open.  That’s my nightmare began.  As soon as enter our code for the door and found that hard to open.  Seems like something blocking the door for opening.  Thus I immediately called my love who happened that on his business travel.  Well, I don’t care if it was his midnight.  He asked me not to go inside the house but call police right away.

Yes, I called 911 and after 10mins or so and I saw policemen came.  After took a little statement and three of them draw guns and stand outside the door and said ‘This is Sheriff Officers, I know you are inside.  Please put your hands up.  After a while the three Sheriff officers went into the house.  I was told to stand on the drive way.   Uhg the stupid robbers ransacked the whole house.  The worst were our bedroom and home office.  Apparently, the robbers came in through kitchen window.  I felt so violated and who allow them to simply came in and ransacked our home.  Really hope police will arrest them soon.

Really don’t understand why in such a good neighborhood also got broke in incident.

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