He said to me ‘You got that wisdom’

I ran into my peer on the hall way.  As usual I greet and smile with them.  This individual stand there and told me and I quote ‘Eliza, I really like your determination.  You got that wisdom that no one has’.  I kind of stop for a while and smile back to him and said Thank you.  Feel free to let me know if you need to talk.

He than said, he will takes a few days off to clear his mind and come back fresh.   I told him, take it easy…

It’s awkward that I have that wisdom that I didn’t even realize it.   Guess it is a good thing.  It is hard to be outstanding especially in this industry but we need to balance between life and balance.  Also, don’t take it to personally.

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Scary news – Please pray for mom

Just came back to California less than a week and got a pinged from my sister that Mom is not doing well.  She got infection and not responding.  Ambulance took her to hospital and she is awake and recovered from coma.   Thank You Lord!

Did face time with her as well.  But my heart still uneasy as I am thousand miles away.


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