Blog about me that you need not care about!

My name is Eliza Sweeyin. T. Scott.  I am Malaysians but I was born Chinese.  Grew up with a small family in the famous town which is call “Penang Island”   Malay is our native language and I have been studying English since I was in primary school.  I am very impress to see people who fluent in English especially look at how they social after mass or sing during the mass.   That’s lead me to think that how friendly and powerful of ‘English’ will be. Thus my America dreams exist and even dream to married the blue eyes Prince.

I achieved my first dream to America in year 2001 via H1 working visa. This is because I am lucky enough to get the position in SFO branch.  It was a bitter sweet experiences though because I came to America myself with one thousand dollars (500cash & 500 traveler’s check) and two bag gages.

It was taught for me to begin with the culture shock, no credit history to start in America especially in the city of San Francisco which known as the most expensive city to live.  Cell phone is key device for me to reach home no matter whether I am at work and on my way to work.  Unfortunately, I am not qualify to apply for the contract because I do not have credit history.

My co-worker AKA friend told me that he got additional cell which is still in contract and use thus he can help me.  He will let me use his line of course I will need to pay the bill by end of each month.  Hmm that’s perfect for me!   Well, end of the each month there is no bill from him but only verbally told me how much I must pay!  In average I paid at least USD70.00 per month.  I do not know how many minutes that I used or physical look at the bill.  In fact, I also bought the prepaid card for international call.  I tried to ask him for the bill but he said the bill is not under my name that’s why you can’t see it.  Wow that a total ‘rip off’?  Also, I paid $40.00 for half Caesar salad on Friday night out.  How could this happen?  Again, ABC is ripping me off.

I almost give up couple times because this is wild and unusual for me.  I used to be spoiled at home but this is totally opposite.  In additional, I missed the mom home cook spicy and yummy meal and she even ironed my dress for me but now I got to do it myself.  But I still believe I can over come all these difficulties by avoiding so call friends night out.

Yep, I bought a used car so that I do not have to car poll anymore as many incident I will need to ask other to give me a ride home simply because she got a hot date!  joint choir group at my district to have healthy activities.  And, yes it does reduced most of unnecessary expenses.

However, in my work environment and for some reason I always get the blame and even got write up which shouldn’t be.  Then I found out it was ‘favoritism’ mainly because I am newbie’s there.  I still remember my ex-Manager said ‘Attendant is nothing’, ‘you come early means nothing’ to me.  What a shame to hear this from a ‘Manager’!  It’s still very fresh in my mind.

Since my working permit with be expire in Oct 2003 thus I discussed with my District Manager about renewal for another term if my working permit.  He verbally agreed for me to renew another term but by the time he received the legal documents from my attorney. He not only let the documents collecting dusts in his office and let me know that he can’t support me for another term due to economy crisis.  I wasted USD2, 000.00 for five copies of the documents and how could I afford to leave in SFO without a job!

That lead me with no choice but let my boy friend know that we will have long distant relationship instead as I am moving back to Malaysia.  The first question he asked is ‘Who is going to take care of me’ wow…a strong and powerful statement but again I can’t just ask him to married me because of I want to stay here in the freedom of the land.  But this wonderful with good senses of humor gentlemen flew back from his conference on the next day.

On 8th September 2003 sometime 11am and my cell rang at work and it was him my lovely boy friend who calling me as his flight just landed.  He asked me to take half day off and he will meet me at my apartment.  Thus I took half day off then heading home. When I get in the car and he told me that we are heading to San Francisco City Hall to get married.  Whoa…no preparation and nothing but I am blessed to be his life partner. I would say I am truly lucky and fortunate to be with him.  Also have his last name ‘Scott’ as my new last name.  I knew my day will be brighter and better for sure.  Because the true love finally here.

After 2months of un-employment and my former company contacted me and asking me whether am I interested to be Cisco Onsite for Global Customs and Trade Affairs Group!

My answer will be ‘Yes, Yes, Yes” because I was driven to work and especially after 2months not working. It should be a good start.  Unfortunately, I have not received my employment authorization card yet thus I can’t report to work.

On Nov 26th I received a call from my attorney office and the clerk told me that they received my employment authorization.  Of course, I they scan the hard copy for me and hooray I was able to report to work at Cisco on 1st December 2003.

With my can do attitude and I was assigned to handle projects such as Carnet, LatAm customs issues and entries audit.  I even received the Rapid Reward from Cisco about my good work.  Then, I found that my employment will hire a manager to oversee us at Cisco however the position doesn’t open for us though.   Gees, this is frustrating as I worked for 2years yet no promotion thus leads me to look for other opportunity because I knew there is no chance for me to grow anymore.  Probably this is Expeditors politic practice.

My Love was absolutely right and he always encouraged me to go back to school to catch up with the degree in order to look for better position.  On the other hand I was afraid to because it has been 15 years ago that I’ve left school and I am not sure whether I am able to catch up especially in America College.  Thus I enroll to De Anza College on Fall Quarter.  Since I am working 40hrs per week thus I would only take two classes in each quarter.  Of course, I need to focus on computer classes.

It was not easy to have full time job and also attending evening classes.  Especially have to wake up early to work on school assignment before start my work at 7am.  But it’s all worth it because I found myself improve since I attend classes and experiencing the college life style where I have not been before.  On the other hand it keeps me busy especially while my hubby is away from me for his business trips.

In deed, I found another position at Google Onsite as Logistics Analyst.  Wow…I found that I am spoiled because with the gourmet food, gym, and so much more and it just crazy.  Unfortunately, we are the first batch of Logistics personal there obviously need to set up lots of rules and guidance to the employee.  Because they might expert on technologies related to hard and soft ware but some what they aren’t in Logistics field. This is why we proudly exist in Google as their Logistics Team.

Well, just happened that Expeditors is Google Customs Brokerage and with that mean I am their customer now.  Oh boy, the person who used to ‘bully’ me and now dealing with me.  Again, I am professional worker and do not take the advantage to give them a hard time.  But I can truly see how polite they are dealing with me.  Oh well,

On 26th May and Our Director announces at the huddle that I received Rapid Reward because of the project that I handle.  Wow…what an honor and bless to receive that.

Besides, I heard that my ex-district Manager has been demoted to Account Manager for some reasons.  Hate to see his demotion but I think he deserved it.

“Never to old to learn and it just too little time to learn new thing” the line from my love! He is absolutely correct and with his mentor and I am 3 steps ahead to others.  Thanks to you my love.

Look forward to spend more time and focus on family such as have our children and own business rather.

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