Weather temperature down 30

The weather temperature is now down to thirty’s though and have to put on glove and winter coat before go out.  There are layer of ice on the car that parked on the drive way too.

Thinking of those homeless and how can they survive in the environment like this.

Are you a smart shopper?

Everyone of us force to be a smart shopper in this economy downturn.  With sales, deals and coupons are the key for fellow consumer to save extra money in our pocket.

But this morning, I notice a not too smart family at Lee’s sandwiches store.  Their kids grabbed 4 packages of ‘Pringles’ potatoes chips which marked $1.99.  Well, the regular price for each pack is $1!  In fact, there is Target down the street.  Also Safeway and Whole Food are just couple blocks away. Gees, just don’t understand why they willing to pay more. It’s because of convinience?

Understood, it wasn’t my issues whether he/she willing to pay more but just feel sorry to them especially in this recession time.  That’s all.

May I asked are you a ‘Smart Shopper’?

Season Holiday is now officially kicked off

This for you and that’s for her!  That’s right the smell of spices from kitchen and delicious eggnog will drive us to Seasons Holidays mood.  And it officially kicked off the day after Thanksgiving. 

Most of the Santa stucked in North Pole due to the economy crisis however one thing every consumer may cheer of is the gasoline price that we granted now :))


Yep, the price for everything has been rise tremendously in our daily life lately especially Gasoline ouch!  Just wish that the stock market and our employer did go to the same path for us eh.