It was 37 degrees

Wow it was 37 degrees this morning.  Can’t believe California has this kind of weather temperature.    Still remember back in September we have 106 degrees.    Is this call Global Warming effect!

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Autumn weather

Yes, I can really feels the an Autumn weather now.  I know nothing compare with an East coast but 40 degrees in the morning consider cold though.   Thanks to the heated blanket and keep me comfort and warm.

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The change of the season = beautiful

Looks how pretty is this.  The leafs color changing from green, yellow to red follow by falling down on the ground. Really enjoy to witness the change of the season.  I know a little more work for gardener for the clean up.

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 10.49.16 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-11-23 at 10.49.30 AMScreen Shot 2017-11-23 at 10.49.52 AM

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First day of Autumn

Yes, we are in first day of and I can easily smell the cooler weather, the yellowish leafs on the ground.  Starbucks starts their pumpkin spice late and store starting there decoration for the season.  People starting put their booths and lovely sweater too. Honestly, I really like this season besides, my pocket got a big hole because of Season Holidays approaching one after another.

Geez, 2017 just flies too quickly.

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Hurricane on the horizon

From hurricane Harvey hitting Houston and now Irma coming and follow by Jose than Maria.   OMG!  It has to stop!  Guess Florida has a little more time to prepare where Houstonian don’t have this luxury to prepare or even run.

Hope all is well.  Stay safe….

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Weather temperature down 30

The weather temperature is now down to thirty’s though and have to put on glove and winter coat before go out.  There are layer of ice on the car that parked on the drive way too.

Thinking of those homeless and how can they survive in the environment like this.

Raining in California

Oh my, it’s raining and I am love it very much.  But raining in United States is hard to walk outside.  However, in Asia is different story.  I normally walk in the rain though and feels good.

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Fall season begin today

Yes, Fall season has began.  I love this season the most despite spending more.  Love the weather temperature is getting cooler and the season holiday is approaching.  It gonna busy as preparing for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas then New Year.   But I did notice people are getting in passion at times either on the street driving or purchasing things in the mall.

Love this season, because of the leaves change color from green to yellow then fall off on the ground.  Love the feel of it though…

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Hello and Welcome May

Let’s say Hello and Welcome to the month of May.  We are heading the almost half of 2016 and time really flies.  Let’s hope the rest of 2016 will be the good one for all of us.  Let’s don’t forget Mother’s day also in May.

The weather seems very nice here in California though…

Yes, arrived destination!

Yes, finally arrived after 22hrs spent.  As soon as I walk out from the flight and I felt walk into pizza oven.  After went through the Immigration and customs than immediately took off another layer of my clothing.  There is no way, I can survive this is weather though

Around noon time here and the sun light is pretty strong.  Well, let’s have our toasty vacation on….