The extreme of California heatwave

I am so grateful to wake up to see the cloudy day after enduring weeks of the heatwave.  Hopefully, we will get some rain to cool us down.  The weather temperature was between 85 thru 102 degrees.  There is no way for me to walk outside and even I a got headache because of that.

Hoping for the rain please,

Perfect weather here in Bay area even in winter

We are so grateful to enjoy perfect weather here in bay area even in winter.  Day time with 60-70 degrees and night time about 45-58degrees.  Unlike east coast and they are facing snow storm and a few foot of snow.  There is no comparison our weather with them at all.   But we do pay the price to stay here.

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Winter officially here

Yes, winter officially here. Although there is no snow here in California. But we have been for a few weeks if rains so makes some area the mess. Also, a few days before Christmas. Everyone is trying their best to ti finish their shopping list and that’s includes me. Alright better hurry…

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It’s foggy outsite

2014-11-07 06.54.23This is view in our campus this morning and it’s foggy.  Thick foggy and obviously hard to drive and I am glad I made it here safe. Just wish I still in bed in this kind lovely weather.  Oh well,

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25year ago today – 6.9 magnitude Loma Prieta Quake hit California

California is an earthquake zone and who can forget the 6.9 magnitude ‘Loma Prieta Quake’ that hit bay area at 5.04pm in 25years ago today.  While The Base Ball World Series was going in Candlestick park. Suddenly! It turn dark and got Freeways collapse on the Bay Bridge,  buildings and houses collapse and on fire and many more dies.

After this disaster, I bet everyone everyone are more well prepare for this kind of disaster. Each home should have earthquake kit, school and company provide guidance where should you go during the quake.

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Cooler weather finally kick in

It’s about time to get some rain after this drought season. Feeling so great to see our garden in soaking wet without a little help of the sprinkler on Friday morning. It would be very wonderful if this happen during weekend so that I can continue sleep in. But just not this time. According to the news there are some hail fall like a size of golf ball whoa.

Anyway, I truly like the cooler weather. Looking forward to look at the leafs from the tree changing color and smelling the spice. It a wonderful time of the year…

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M 6.1 earthquake hits Napa Valley

An earthquake hits Napa Valley this morning around 3.20am. Lots of damages and thank god we did not heard any fatal reported. Though there are 3 critical injuries and 87 small injuries have been treated as of now @ 10am. According to USGS this is the strongest quake hit California after 25years.

We are 1.3hrs away from Napa so we are not affected which is very thankful.  Geez, we were plan to Napa for breakfast in bed weekend. Thank God, we didn’t make it there.

Thoughts and prayer for those victims of earthquake and stay strong.

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Extremely warm weather temperature in California!

Not sure whether is this related to global warming or not. But how could mid May weather temperature spike up to three digit? Damn it is warm and makes me just stay in door rather. I also got sick because of the heatwave.

Let’s the cooler weather is on the way meanwhile please drink more water…

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