Presidential candidates 2016

Seriously are we really happy with these presidential candidates for both parties.  The click is ticking and in November we are going to vote for either one of them.  It’s worrisome! One is blunt like hell another with some trust issues.  The worst to republican party was how could they even lost to a business man who have no knowledge on politic beside blunt.

God Bless America!

112 countries Secretary of State visited – Hillary Clinton

Today, is the last day of our Secretary of Stated on her four years service to Nation.  She visited 112 countries during her term.  Thanks to to share the photos.  Just wish Bill Clinton will be the candidate but John Kelly instead.

She might be the next candidate running for President for 2016. No matter what, we wish her the best and get some rest and quality time with family before start running for the next project.

I voted

Yes and I can proudly says that I voted.  This is my very 1st vote since I became citizen of America!  It’s just wonderful YES.

I voted.

16 years old teen running for City Council

I really hope this is not true but I read the news from Internet that 16years young man Ishan Shah hopes to run for City Council position in Fremont. Which also the fourth largest city in Bay Area.  Well, it must admired by many other included me for his goal but how much experience that this person have?  In fact, he can’t even vote yet duh!

Though Mr. Youngman please take my advice to finish your study, let your hair grow and establish the base of politic first.  With your one quoted ‘Allowing people participate meeting online’ just not good enough

Fremont residents are smart enough to figure out your capability rather than blindly support you like  Gupta community does.   This must be a joke of the day!

Let’s get bailout then enjoy bonuses!

Well, these genius definitely have their way to get sympathy from the Govt!

AIG got bailout payment from the US Govt with total of $170bn due close to collapse in 2008.  And now,  they have just announced the bonus payouts today with the amount $450m to their fellow executives.  OMG!  what a great plan and they are using ours tax payer ‘$’ for their bonus purpose instead of emergency matter.

Seriously not sure what is US Treasury doing to allowing these happened?

Do what you said otherwise don’t!

Well, this phrase fix perfectly to anyone in this world unless the individual willing to be a liar.  Again, I am no right nor left wing but one thing for sure ‘Politicians’ will use their way to present the great and awesome plans in order to get your vote. 

But the questions is can he deliver..?  He took office not even 100days and already many broken promises!  Here’s some of the broken promises…

  1. Big Govt
  2. Pork Barrel Earmark Reform
  3. No Tax Hikes on the Poor
  4. Lobbyyist Revolving Door
  5. Sunlight Before Signing

So, what next Mr. President!   Just wonder did you do what you said eh…

Presidential Address to Congress

My oh mine!  By watching  the 44th President delivering his first annual address before joint session of Congress makes me laugh.

Actually, his delivered a good plans however something hilarious was DEM keeps supporting him as usual and each sentence he delivered and they will just stand up and clapping their hands sort of brown nose! As for Rep site they were look at each other and also shows sour face.

Well, these people are intelligent but why act like twits.

Michelle please Get Over It!

Oh Boy!  our first lady wasn’t happy with the recent dolls that Ty Company marketing with their new product with the dolls call ‘Sweet Sasha and Marvelous Malia’  and quoted ‘We feel it is inapproriate to use young private citizens for marketing purposes’.

Not to be rude but Michelle!  Please get over it.  The moment that they share the stage with their family on the campaign. They should have been figure out this day may come duh!  In addition, it isn’t amy trade mark on ‘Sweet Sasha or Marvelous Malia’ in the market yet and those dolls doesn’t look like them.  Again please get over this small matter  and also about think about how Dem put a “Bulging Bristol” and a “Purse-totin Piper” before!

You cannot have both limelights and privacy and please realize that.  Duh!

It’s historic of Inauguration!

Wow it is a remarkable experience to witness this fine moment here in United States on this historic Inauguration day on Jan 20th 2009.  Some people make it to DC Capital however many more are witnessing this moment via digital network thru TV broadcast or radio coverage.  Yes, indeed Obama was sworn in as the nation’s 44th President of United Stated.

However, there was a scary moment as Ted Kennedy suffered seizure during the inauguration luncheon.  He will spend a night in the hospital for observation.

God Bless America!

No Respect!!!

The World knew an incident about President Bush at Bagdad.  Bet this is the headline for most of the media network about this news.  An Iraqi man throw shoes at President Bush during his conference in Bagdad!

Gees, what kind of humane is that to treat their visitor that way?  Come on people and wake up!