RIP Glenn Frey

We lost another music legend today. The talented guitarist and lead singer of The Eagles band Glenn Frey.  He was 67 years old.  During 70th the band got a lot hits and won at least six Grammy.

  • Lyin’s Eyes
  • Take It Easy
  • The One You Love
  • Desperado
  • Hotel California

RIP my friend, your music and inspiration touch a lot of people includes both of us.  He play your music early this evening and both of us start singing.

Robin Williams found dead at 63

    The legend with so many talent on acting and stand up comedian was found dead this morning in his home. It apparently he took his own life. According to CNN, he has been battling sever depression of late. Way to soon to lost such an individual.

    No matter, we should think of his bright side. He make all of us laugh and contribute a lot to community. Especially to us in San Francisco, He will be missed and I know it long journey but you are in the better place now. We all smiled a little more because of you.

    ‘No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the word’

    RIP Robin…

All Souls day AKA Day of the dead

Once again, the fellow Catholic folk holding The Annual event of the All Souls day AKA Day of The Day.  It is one of must do thing in the Roman Catholic world on 2nd of November.

All Souls’ day commemorates the faithful departed.  The Roman Catholic celebration is associated with the souls of the doctrine that the souls of the faithful who at death have not been cleansed from the temporal punishment due to venial sins and from attachment to mortal sins cannot immediately attain the beatific vision in heaven, and that they may be helped to do so by prayer and by the sacrifice of the Mass.  In other words, when they died, they had not yet attained full sanctification and moral perfection, a requirement for entrance into Heaven.  This sanctification is carried out posthumously in Purgatory.

We normally hire the commentary keeper to clean up the spot then on the day then we will get the beautiful flowers and candles to the commentary follow by prayer.  Though Buddhism does have the similar event in some time April and that’s call ‘Qingming’.

We can’t make it there this time. Thus asked sister Evelyn to get some candles and light for us. RIP Pa!

On Father’s day 2010

It is Father’s day!   I wants to wish all the Dad around the world ‘Happy Father’s day’.  Bet you will get the surprise treats especially this weekend oops!  No matter what you deserved it especially in this special day.

This celebration event doesn’t exist on my calendar anymore as it’s slowly face out since he passed away.  He lost the evil cancer battle three years ago and all I got just a wonderful moment that I will cherish for now and forever.   Thanks to him for brought me into this world.

In this wonderful day and I am thinking of you my late Father and Father’s in-law.  May both of you RIP!

  • Anthony Tan Pak San
  • Beverly Randolph Scott

Top 10 most fascinating incidents in 2009

In regards of good, bad, sweet or bitter we are going to wrap up the year of 2009.  Looking back and here’s my 10 most fascinating incident as below:-

  1. Got my #8 laptop in Feb 2009
  2. Utilized cloud computing
  3. Got my 1st aquarium in July
  4. Passed my USCIS interview on 08/05 for my N400 application
  5. Celebrating our #6 Wedding Anniversary in September
  6. Caught into H1N1 Swine flu.
  7. My Citizenship oath Ceremony on 10/29 @ 10am
  8. Watched Carlos Santana live in May @ main campus / Alton Brown live in Nov @ main campus
  9. Decided back to school with effective Winter semester
  10. Got my U.S. Passport

Somber Farewell at Oracle Arena

It is a hard and sad day for everyone to say Goodbye to these fallen officers.  My thought and prayers with their families and also to fellows OPD.  Please be strong!

The city virtually halted a massive memorial service at Oracle Arena for the four heroes that shot to death in the line of duty last weekend.  The attendees inlcudes  thousands of police officers from across the country gathered to join state officials and Bay Area resident. Everyone has one goal to pay respect and also hopping the tragedy could help be a wakeup call for a city plagued by so much voilence.

Though I also want to ‘Thanks’ to the officer who brought down the wanted gunman. Understood, it can’t be review public due to security reason but the officer also a ‘Hero’.  Thank You on behalf of Bay Area resident.

au revoir! E3

We are can see people come and go in anywhere from shopping mall to airport.  However, in this economy crisis we may see more ‘GO’ activities than ever in work place. 

Yea, a group of consultants ‘E3’ are going to leave us due to their contract is ending.  In these 27months we have shared much laughter and many achievements.  I truly enjoyed these time very much because each individual has their ‘unique’ side.  They will be missed dearly.

I am so glad and proud to created a web album for them.  Check it out :-–6pq-6I7gE&feat=email

Here’s some of their feedback from them quoted:-

1. ‘Thank you very, very much for the great album. You did a great job pulling the pictures together.  It makes a very nice remembrance.

2. Great job!

My top 10 most fascinating incidents in 2008

Time flies and we are going to wrap up the bad and ugly 2008.  Thank God!  Looking back and here’s are the 10 most fascinating incidents of the year.

  1. Outrage with my co-worker as one of them called me @ 4am and left voice simply because he is sick and unable to work!
  2. Began to love the Country Music
  3. Trying to encourage my fellow co-worker to start blogging
  4. Watched Jimmy Buffet perform
  5. Withdrawn the CHB exam as cold feet in the last minute
  6. The uncertain stock markets made my portfolio amount dropped significantly.
  7. Report chain – Report direct to the Director of the board
  8. Memorial visit to Malaysia together with love
  9. 16hrs @ ER after Thanksgiving day
  10. Allergy skin test and I am in deed allergy to dust, grasses, weeds and trees

Let’s hope for the better 2009.

A September to remember

What a perfect phrase ‘A September to remember’ and it meant so much to me since I got married but this year is a special one.  This is because many more things happened this year.  Our Wedding Anniversary was a great and it certainly a highligth of my life.  Thank you Jesus for your blessing! 

Of course, who can forget on the 9/11 attacked.  My thought and prayers to the victins family.  Follow by the funky stock market in September as Dow Jones dropped -500.00 point on 09/16 & 09/17 then it recovered +400.00 points the next day 09/18.  Man who can predict what is going to happened next?  It has been a painful ride for the traders like us. 

The ‘Stress’ about my Oct exam drove me to throw out lately and have to says that each weekend l got to stay in bed about 12hrs as constantly throw out.  Gosh this is annoying eh but l cannot control it.  I should have schedule appoitment to meet with my doctor.

Top 10 most fascinating incidents in 2007

This year 2007 was a fascinating one, and  I am looking back at the top 10 most fascinating incident that hit me over last 12months.  It’s includes, influenced, inspired, money, family and good & bad times.

  1. Have my own domain
  2. Begin to start writing my blog
  3. My ex-district manager demoted to Account Manager – Hate to hear it but I guess he deserved it.
  4. Received Rapid Reward on the project that I work on
  5. Celebrate 1st year Anniversary at Google Logistics Team
  6. I got another new Compaq laptop 15.4″ from my love – This is my six laptop in 5 years
  7. Received a scary mid-night call from my family in Malaysia that Dad is very ill – Glad that I made it home to take care of him before he passing on. 
  8. Dad passed away – 2nd Oct @ 1310pm
  9. Penang Police pulled me over as I drove without driving license – I paid RYM 30.00 to resolve it.
  10. I am the winner of the Google Cafe Crawl