Comedy show

If anyone ask me which favorite comedy show that I like the most and ‘whose line is it anyway?’ will be my pick.  Gees, I just love the show and it keep both of us laugh to the maximum.  These talented comedian includes Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles and also the host Drew Carey are just great on the show. It just great. 


Great Weekend!

After the long week of hard study, work and is about time to enjoy the weekend to the most.  Having able to wake up late by not rushing to work which is another relaxing moment for us.

Of course, our quality time even sweeter with the lovely chocolate chip pancake & French stuffs toast with blueberry topping to begin with.  Then follow by sipping wine after dinner by listening to great piece of music from the talented Russia pianist Evegeny Kissin ah that what I am talking about great weekend.  

How about yours? 

Ba-da Bing, Ba-da Boom! that’s Italian cuisine


As usual we woke up in the lazy afternoon and we both are craving for food.  Whoops we end up in Fremont, too bad no luck for Claim Jumper as full house.  Thus we decided to Carino’s Italian Grill instead. 

The atmosphere is very cozy and nice especially with the friendly waitress.  We were place at the nice spot then follow by a loaf of rosemary bread with good quality of olive oil and garlic.  Gees, we loved the bread and the menu looks good too.  My love ordered combo plate which includes their signature lasagna, parmesan chicken and pasta with marinara sauce.  I chose ‘Fire Shrimp pasta’ with fresh shrimp, green bell pepper and garlic creamy sauce.

It was a very satifying meal and it’s all worth it.  Not forgetting the big portion too and that lead us to have no room for dessert although I will never miss dessert out on our meal.         

It’s Spring

Birds singing, cows mooing and you can see more Juan and Jose standing on the street and ready to do any backyard work. Oh yes, the spring began 2days ago.  What that means is we can see the lovely colorful flowers in our garden and we might listen to some folk begin sneeze and cough as allergy attack or for whatever reasons might be.  But I do hope they manage to cover their mouth when they sneezing or coughing though

In spring weather I don’t need to wear jacket however I do need my music ‘iPod Nano’ with me.  Thus lead me to think about hats and I found it at Google Search with the url

Loved the design, color and especially it has velcro closures inside the hat band to keep the headphone cables tucked away.  It’s just perfect for me with this convenience feature.  Of course, with the reasonable price and quick delivery too.

I got my last year and Have you?

Does web rating on restaurant real?

I doubt it.

If you are craving for particular food then you will have to go to ‘The Cuisine’ where there have their specialties to prepare the meal for statisfaction. 

It was the top rating between 8 – 9.5 out of total 10 point for this Malaysian Cuisine. But after we had dinner there I would rate it as 5 at the most.  It wasn’t our first time there though and I remembered the first time it doesn’t give us the wow to us.  Well,  after a year bacause of the top rating on the web thus we went back there hmm it still the same with no wow factor to us. 

Here are some of  the examples:-

  1. Roti Chanai ==> Tough like rubber band
  2. Rendang Chicken ==> Tasteless
  3. Pandan Chicken ==> Dry, Hard & Salty

It aslo leads me to think that does web rating real or the restaurant just follow the local demand? I would says Singaporean/Straits Cafe can cook better Malaysian meal for sure.

Also,  It just funny to see the waitress wearing the Malaysian attire ‘Sarung’ along with tennis shoes! ahhggg 

I am the winner too.

Google implementing Go-Green campaign and who ever send their un-wanted office accessories such as mouse, keyboard, docking-station to hardware depot. Then the individual will automatic enter the contest for grand prize ‘Wii’ for lucky drawn on TGIF at Charlie’s Cafe after work. 

Hmm I wasn’t the winner of Wii though but I am the winner of Google T-Shirts though.  I am glad that managed to helps Aya.K & Lily.L to win the cool Google Go-Green T-shirt as well. 

Special Dinner at The Lunch Box Cafe


Yes, indeed I am lucky enough to be one of the winners of the cafe crawl contest. Besides the front of the line pass for two weeks and I am also treated a Special gourmet dinner at my choice of cafe.

Dinner started at 6pm which is later than I am usually at work, but it was worth to wait. I was in the mood of chardonnay and champagme thus that were my drink of the night. The friendly waiter keeps top up my glass thus and hence makes me a little dizzy and obviously it over my limit. But I am home safe.

I truly enjoyed the whole course of the meal and it just top of the world. Here are the menu of the night.

  1. Salmon Tartar a la Douglas
  2. Butternut Squash Soup Meets Risotto
  3. Fennel and Blood Orange Salad
  4. Seared Petit Sirloin with Dungeness Crab Salad
  5. Tangerine Sorbet amd Pomegranate Granita

Thank you Chef Chris and Doug.

Best Crab cakes.

crab-cake.jpg Though I must admit this is the best crab cake that I have had for a long long time.  It coated in crunchy Panko breadcrumbs and cooked until crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. I would says I do not need the tartar sauce to serve with it even it chef special made.  Just hmm hmm goood!  Although, this dinner a bit pricey with two entrees of Filet Mignon and Grilled Fresh Salmon.  Then follow by dessert ‘Big Mountain chocolate fudge cake’ but is all worth it even the waiter forgot about one of my favorite ‘clam chowder’. 

Coming home for Christmas.

The fascinating musician Jim Brickman produced another cool music in this Seasons Holidays featuring Richie McDonals the lead singer from Lone Star group.  Gees, the lyrics described exactly the experience I have had. 

I Ioved this piece of music very much and it’s in my ITunes and also my Nano as well.  Of course, there is nothing to compare to listen to this music when you woke up in the morning next to him with no rush to work.  I would say I am the lukiest person in this world to have him in my life. 




When I think of snow, I think of Christmas.
When I think of you, I think of home.
I know all these miles that come between us for a while will melt away.

If I could make this plane go any faster,
I’d be standing right outside your door.
I can close my eyes and see that sweet look of surprise there on your face.
It’s worth the wait
Hang the mistletoe by the fire’s glow; put the angel on the tree.
Light a candle in the window, just for me.
I’ll bring you all my heart and soul, my love, my hugs and kisses.
I’m coming home; I’m coming home for Christmas.

Everywhere I go, it makes me miss you, cause everywhere I look, and it’s red and green.
Everybody celebrating only makes the waiting slow down the day.
I’m on my way.
Hang the mistletoe by the fire’s glow, put the angel on the tree.
Light a candle in the window, just for me.
I’ll bring you all my heart and soul, my love, my hugs and kisses.
I’m coming home, I’m coming home for Christmas.

Wanna hear all about all the things you’re doing and make up for lost time.
Tell you what I’ve been through, laugh like we always do.
God, I’ve been missing you.
Hang the mistletoe by the fire’s glow, put the angel on the tree.
Light a candle in the window, just for me.
I’ll bring you all my heart and soul, my love, my hugs and kisses.
I’m coming home. You won’t be alone.
I’m coming home for Christmas