Fellows Stock holders – Don’t panic!

Today marked the decline was the ninth worst by point for the Dow.  However, in percentage term the decline of 4.3% does not rank among the worst compare to Black Monday in 1987 as it fell 22%.

Well, don’t panic and it will recover.  Though as long as an individual got diversified stocks that should be fine.  Not going to lie I got shock at first to see my orb turn to pipping red yike!

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Santa Claus rally ’09

ho Ho HO!!!  Everyone just waiting for this Santa rally and ‘YES’ it landed well.  The market closed @ noon with good result.  Dow closed at +0.51% and Nasdaq +0.71%.  Let’s hope some magic will happens with higher point on 12/31 boo yah!

The Santa Claus rally AKA the ‘December Effect’  The rally is generally attributed to anticipation of the January effect, an injection of additional funds into the market, and to additional trades which must, for accounting and tax reasons, be completed the end of the year.

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My orb shown solid green today.

So, may I asked what is the color of your orb!  Yes, it’s ‘green’ and me too.  I bet most of the investors are finally put a smile on their face as the market closed high today.

GOOG soar 19.99% ( up 89+)

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That’s the way to do it.

Yes, it’s true and Jim Cramer is absolutely correct.  Jim who is the host of Mad Money program on CNBC has been a great asset for trader like us.  His advice is ‘Do the researches before you purchase the stock and do not let your stock sit in your account for a long time’. 

Set a target of the profit margin and when it hit then sell it right away. This is the best way to get the easy $$$ boo yah! too yah!

Special Thanks to my sweetie and Jim for the great advise and guidance.

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SERIOUSLY, Seriously, seriously

It was a bad day for those who investing into the stock market world.  This is because NASDAQ and DOW closed sharply low especially today.  Let’s hope for better one next week.

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