– SJC Airport – Ground handling service needs to improve

Catching the first flight to AUS from SJC.  Arrived airport around 4.15am.  After wait for the 15mins or so.  Those ground handling workers working to the counter while talking to their peers.  Not sure if they notice they are long line waiting for the clearance.   Geez, where is the sense of urgency.

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Yes, arrived destination!

Yes, finally arrived after 22hrs spent.  As soon as I walk out from the flight and I felt walk into pizza oven.  After went through the Immigration and customs than immediately took off another layer of my clothing.  There is no way, I can survive this is weather though

Around noon time here and the sun light is pretty strong.  Well, let’s have our toasty vacation on….

Landed HKG

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 7.50.37 AMScreen Shot 2016-03-05 at 8.04.31 AM

Landed HKG Airport after the 13hrs flight and it was 2hrs early around 4am though.  Most of the duty free stores were closed.  But I can feel the heat wave already.  Therefore I took off my coat where I still have 2 layers of clothing with me.  Thank God we had the privilege of CX lounge just to hang around.  Took shower while love is enjoying his wine and waiting for me to enjoy breakfast.  Love their comfy chairs there.

However, the decoration in HKG is less impressive compare to SIN for sure.

Cheers everybody…

PTO starting right now!


Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 3.26.59 PM

Yes, our annual trip Asia starting now. Arrived airport around 9pm but wow it seems crowded already.  Thank God, we are in First class lane so we have a little privilege.  Well, let’s hope the 13hrs flight will get a little rest.


Most fascinating things in 2013

Long stories short and I only have three most fascinating things for me in 2013. I am grateful and thankful for that.

1. April – Back to silicon valley after 6 months hiatus
2. Sept – 10th Wedding Anniversary – Love him much #你的笑你的好 是我溫暖的依靠
3. Nov – A surprise visit to Penang, Malaysia.

The disadvantages of living in Golden State

The pleasant weather of California and the opportunity of the Silicon Valley just another element to drawn people to move here in Golden State.  In additional, there are many tourism spots that make the people who live here proud.  Also, lure many outsider wanting for a visit.  But it does have disadvantages especially with tax that we paid.

I do notice that people tense to mooch with us for the reason coming for a visit or visits.  There are many so call long lost friends, family members or relatives will start reaching out for the connection as they knew there are planing for visiting.

In the past, I got a very bad experience as my brother friend that I didn’t know him much contacted me as he is in town for his business trip.  Guess what he brought his six others friends that I did not know at all for the dinner as well.  Oh joy!  What frustrated was I end up paid the entire bill.  Gees, when I was visiting my home town and just happened that he also visiting my brother at home.  He not even said ‘hi’ to me.  That really ticks me off.   Though some of them will come up with a polite way to ask for recommendation of car rental, hotels and etc.  But hey I get it though

I am not anti social but we do have our own agenda for weekend especially long work week.  Just simply want to whine down low and just two of us rather.  So, this is my theory if you are traveling then expect  spending, respect the privacy to who are you going to meet and be independent.

Our Penang Trip – Day 8 that we heading back to USA.

It’s 4.45am and our cell alarm is beeping and we knew its time to get ready for check out and heading to airport.

Although I am very excited to heading back to US however I feel sad to leave though. After all it is my home town and my root. But I understood its just visiting and we can always come back next time.

Thank God its only took 21hrs on the flight time where it took 28hrs to Penang uhg. Yes and I smell the greatness of California and the land of freedom. Glad we have another day/Sunday for relaxing. It definately took more time to adjust to local time because we are still in 15hrs ahead time zone.

After un-packed and bath we both straight to bed. I knew is too short to Asia in 7days but we spent it well. Looking forward on our next trip next.

Our Penang Trip – Day 7 last day of the trip

Day 7 and also our last day here on this trip. Sister/Evelyn planned to take us around for sign seeing and the most important to taste the Penang famous foods. Though that will only happened after 2pm her kids are in the morning school.

Again, we ate our breaksfast at Queensbay in the morning. Open an account at the HSBC bank so that I can link my US account for wire transfer.

Yes, we noticed the Toyota Avanza is heading to our hotel lobby. We stopped by a place called ‘New World’ to taste all the yummy foods. Wow those foods are great and l wish I have bigger stomach or have more time there. Also, visited the little India, Penang pier and sleeping Buddha. Due to the gusty wind and rain thus we heading back to hotel.

We had dinner together with my sister’s family and Mom. They are so nice even brought our favorite food with them ‘Satay’ for us. The meal ir just delicious and of course, my love enjoy it as well.

We do “Thanks & hugs” each one of them for their time and warm hospitalities. Remind Mom to take her vitamins on time. Noticed Mom sad to let us go but I promised to her next time I will spent more time there. Then we heading to gasoline station to fill up the tank so that we will return the rental car.

Anyway, My sister suggest to me that how about invest a house there.  It will be nice we can be neighbor!  We both liked the ideal and she is looking around.

Our Penang Trip – Day 6

We had breakfast @ Queensbay then heading to Sun Shine Square for little shopping.  My love is so carrying and picked up the Ensure milk powder for mom.  We do pick up some local snacks and crackers just to try it.


Met my BFF for lunch at Pizza Hut. And it also Mayble BD anyway gave her the BD gift and we chat for a while they both still look the same though. We definately have a great time. Unfortunately, the pizza is very salty even without bacon anyway after we meet and we heading to sister home to pickup Mom so that we will go to Balik Pulau together.

Gave a list of the name to brother for him to pick for his un-born baby.  Mom picked up the durian cakes from her contact that is for my love co-worker.  Also, stop by Granny home just to let her know that we will back to USA in 2days.

Drop off Mom and sister home and then we heading back to hotel for resting.  Man and l just dislike the weather there.

Our Penang Trip – Day 5

Since my sister and brother in-law are working today thus we will just tour around ourselves.  Had breakfast @ Queensbay then we heading to down town as love wants to check on the new arrival of the camera.

Well, I notice lots of non-behave drivers.  Parked at the curb and even ran over traffic lights uhg that’s annoying. Stopped by Pelangi Mall which located next to Komtar the tallest building in Penang.  Ah this is another mall that the management did not maintain well. Its look dirty and dark inside. Guess what the air condition in Starbucks doesn’t work.  That’s sux.

However, I picked up the chicken and pork jerky for love to try.  It definately looks new to him because there are only beef and turkey jerky in USA.  I am glad he liked it.  A little dissapoited as we can’t find the camera store.  Thus we heading back to hotel but we saw the camera store while we are on our way back uhg

Get back to the hotel for the short rest follow by dinner with brother.  It took about 20mins drive to that restaurant but the foods were yummy.  There are many aquariums for live shrimps, fishes, crabs and many more.  Of course, it may attract kids attention and allow the adult enjoy their meal peacefully. Perfect meal especially with a bottles of wine and beers.

Get back to hotel and from the news we know that Obama won.